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Ireland Fashionista, Yeye Kudi Alowonle Talks About Her New Career In Law


Yeye Kudi Alowonle is a big fashionista living in the Republic of lreland. She not only dresses well, she helps other women look good too. So colourful is Yeye that she is always glamorously and gorgeously attired all the time.

The big news is that this global Fashion entrepreneur has just completed her Law degree in flying colours. She made a 2nd class upper degree.

And expectedly, she has been in a happy mood for the past few days.

Why did she go and study law, Citypeople Online asked her a few days back? "It is because of my love for the legal profession," she explained." My father is a Lawyer. My senior ones are lawyers. I have a passion for anything Law. I grew up in that system. I also want to be very knowledgeable about the Law."

She presents a regular Talk show Online. Why did she go into that? "It all goes back to my Law passion. I hate people cheating people. I love to motivate people. I do Motivational talks. I talk about the Law and creating more Awareness.

On Facebook, she constantly celebrates her tall and handsome husband. Why does she do that? "It's a way of appreciating him. I do it so effortlessly that it has become part of me. I flaunt him to the world to see as a way of showing appreciation.

"Sometimes people look at it that when you are a married woman and you are flashy and you are active on Facebook, you are promiscuous. Nooooo. That is not true. Celebrating my handsome husband is a way of telling people that l am happily married. That I have been taken. I am not just putting it as a status. And that he is hale and hearty."

How challenging was combining the course with her roles as Wife, mother and Fashion entrepreneur? "It was so challenging. I had to multi task. Thank God l have a good husband who is supportive and children who are understanding.

How did she combine her global fashion business with studying for a Law degree?" It was very challenging. I had to slow down my Fashion business to enable me concentrate on my studies, so that I can come out with good grades. Thank God I came out with a 2nd Class Upper. It was quite challenging combining the 2." What next? "I am still going on with my law course. I am going for further education."

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