Friday, 4 September 2020

London Actress,Tolulope Yesufu,Talks About Her 12 Years Of Acting

Tolulope Yesufu is a beautiful actress who lives in London. She is good at what she does and she handles her roles so very well. She is a bundle of talent.That explains why she has made a huge success of her career in acting.

Tolulope Yesufu, EAGLES  EYE PRODUCTION  is a hardworking, humble, God fearing lady with so much creativity in her.  Tolu started her acting career in 2008 in the UK and Produced her own movie in 2012 titled SHATTERED HEARTS, a movie she also wrote and acted in alongside veteran actors Lanre Balogun, Titi Jacobs, Rita Edochie, Tony Monjaro, etc. 

She has since been unstoppable and gone on to write, Produced and acted is a lot of movies that has  shown her excellent talent, creativity and versatility and also gone on to win awards in the categories of Best Actress, Best Producer, Best Movie, Best Screenplay.

Tolulope also wrote and produced a movie titled HELP!!! Recently. This is a movie she has created to bring awareness to the level of Domestic Abuse our Men are SILENTLY facing and dying from within the society.

HELP!!! A four cast movie, first of its kind in the UK industry is a movie that defies all norms. Tolulope as a writer and from her past movies is a lady who writes her scripts based on the ills within the society and the African culture as she aims to entertain and educate the public.

Her movie Murderer in Law produced about five years ago, even though a drama comedy was aimed to touch on the issues of mother in laws and their daughter in laws in the society at large and how the usual discord between them can affect the family as a whole. Her movie HELP!!! Soon to be released has also followed this educative trend but this time on Domestic Abuse in all its ramifications.

Tolulope is set to release two tv series in the year 2021 a drama series titled ‘Secrets Untold ‘ and a comic series titled ‘DIVA DIVA’. She is one of the ones to watch out for in the movie industry.

Tolu doesn't just write, doesn't just Act and doesn't just produce movies all for the sake of doing it, but she does it with a purpose , to reach out , to entertain and to educate.

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