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Meet Esther George a London certified make up artist and beauty professional [PAFASH COLUMN]


Esther George 

I am a mum of two girls. a certified makeup artist & beauty professional at eeezMotiveMobile with an essential health wellness and beauty product brokerage online business with Market United Kingdom, a part of Market America Worldwide, a 28+ year strong business, built on product and powered by people.





Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner, I was in primary education for over 10 years.



My passion for all round beauty and wellness has been my driving force towards building a successful beauty brand, EeezMotiveMobile, with our award winning, global brand, Motives®️ Cosmetics.



I’m in the health, wellness and beauty business. I can support you go create your own economy and a residual income, through converting your Spending into Earning, known as the Shopping Annuity®️.



I also own a webcenter, working with small to medium sized businesses, to bring them all their Websolutions needs with MAWebcenters, our Web division.



You can Shop our exclusive brands and shop through thousands of our partner stores on my website, www.yourshopconcierge.com



Our exclusive brands at a glance http://bit.ly/3aOteKy



Please feel free to contact me:


[email protected]

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