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Mistakes We Make With Our Fashion Dressing During Hot And Rainy Season And How To Avoid Them – Seun Elegushi

Fashion in Nigeria is ever evolving even in our day to day life. However we make some mistakes in our choice of fashion style and wears when going out or in the comfort of our home.

As the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown has been eased as we can move about and attend some events as long as we follow the rules laid down by the Federal government.
The weather of Nigeria now is a mix of both rain and hot sunny cloud. This is nature we can't change. But what we can change is how we adapt to it, by not making mistakes in our fashion choices which will eventually affect our health on the long run.

Mistakes we make:
1- Wearing thick black clothes under the hot sun when going out. Black is a colour that absorbs a lot of sunlight, therefore if we wear anything that is colour black, we attract more sun light, there by giving our body a lot of heat especially when under the hot sun.
Avoid wearing anything black as much as possible during the hot sunny days. It could be black shirt, black jeans, black bandannas, black tan top and so on.
Wear light colours instead, for example; white t-shirts, blue jeans, white sneakers, nude heels, orange jumpsuits, and so on. They reflect the rays of the sun away, giving your body a regulated temperature which is good for your body and over all well being.

2- Wearing light clothes during rainy seasons. Wearing light clothes during the cold taking season is dangerous for your health as the cold can easily penetrate your wears and enter into your chests, causing chest problems, some even cause pains around the ribs, alongside cold related diseases like fever, cough, and possibly malaria.
How we dress also affects our health just as how it affects how we look and self esteem boost we get from the them.
It is important to know that we dress according to seasons. We change our style of dressing in respect to how the weather around us change.
Just as how the whites have a style of dressing during winter, and another style during summer. We too as Nigerians should change the way we also dress according to our weather.

3- Using heavy make up under the sun. This is common among the women as many put on heavy make up when going out despite the hot shining sun. Make up being exposed to too much sun affects the face of the person using it. It can cause rashes, pimples, face achenes, and lots more. The simple solution is to simply use light make up and avoid too much contact with the sun as much as possible.

4- Wearing too much clothes on a sunny afternoon. You could be going out and not wearing any black clothes but that does not mean you should wear too much clothes as that can cause a lot of heat for you and also make you comfortable.
The point of being fashionable is to be confident in your own dressing not to be uncomfortable.
Bonus points:
- Apply sunscreen on your body to prevent damage to your skin from the sun. Yet don't stay toouch under the skin.

- Get an umbrella. It will help to protect you from the sun, not just the face but all parts of your body.

- Wear light clothes during rainy season and thick clothes during hot season.
By Seun Elegushi

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