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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Having a clear vision of who you are and what matters most are key ingredients for success and happiness. However, it takes courage for a person to take a stand and determine their life's direction, to protect personal values, fulfill needs, embrace their authenticity and creating their own happiness.

No one can ever make you happy. When we seek completion from other people in our relationship, we are doomed to failure. Eckhart Tolle, said “when are operating from a consciousness level, being presence, living in now in our relationship, we are able have fulfilment in our relationship.”
Going into a relationship to seek for completion, I.e., Financial, emotional, physical, psychological from our partner, for example, nice place to leave, able to travel around the world, material gains, or good sexual experience, then we are setting our self to fail. Seeking completion through another person, means you rely on others to define and take care of your wants or needs
When You seek the approval and attention of others in order to feel good and happy, expecting others to make you complete, to help you find yourself through others, ‘make me happy, and I will make you complete.” This sounds good but expectation of these can only be short leave. As long has you been seeking completion from the other, the relationship is doomed to fail.
“Only happy people can really love.” Therightmerssages.com

Love could be the road to happiness but most times happiness leads you to the door step of love because only happy people can really love. When you bring presence into your relationship, not seeking approval or people pleasing and not having
the fear of being alone or abandoned, being in a state of consciousness, living in now, your relationship begins to evolve. You will begin to enjoy the presence of the other person because you enjoy your own presence, things will be flowing, without worrying of acceptance from this other person. You feel more confidence, comfortable around this person, that is when the whole neediness disappears and you created an intimate relationship.


When you enjoy being with yourself, then you can enjoy being with other people, without the mental worries of being accepted by the others. Do not label the relationship!!! Just enjoy the adventure of the discovery. Be aware of the emotions and thoughts that cross your mind, and let them pass, stop worrying about the future, concentrate on now and enjoy your now, and also continue to work on yourself,
Be whole in yourself, don’t expect completion of self in the other person and then experience an alluring and fulfilling relationship. Being in the state of stillness, improves your self-esteem, where you no longer compare yourself to anyone.


Do You think you are better or lower than anybody, feeling superior or inferior to other people, financially or in appearance, Beauty or good looking? My drives come from knowing that I deserve the best life possible. When you begin rebuilding yourself, your confidence increases, you begin to know yourself worth. Once you know what you want, know you deserve it, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals

Self-love is the answer to Everything, not feeling inferior or superior to any, just be yourself, operating from a state of present moment loving yourself all the way, attracting the right people into your life, experiencing an alluring, plus fulfilling relationship, Because Nobody Can Ever Make You Happy.


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