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Optional Ways To Style Your Belt Like A Fashionista By Zinnat Williams

Belt is fashionable and it’s a crucial staple to have in your wardrobe, it accentuate your curves. Belt helps break the transition between a loose top and tight bottom , it helps hide waistline imperfections.

A belt works well when it stands on it own, drawing attention to the waist it cinches. Belt add aesthetics to your look and it helps define a new style , an old outfit can look fresh by styling with belt .

Belts are popping up on show goers . This little add on packs a big punch when it comes to elevating your style while also slimming your silhouette into a flattering hourglass.

Belt with oversized shirt :it’s a versatile look that makes you stand out significantly, slouchy wear doesn’t not fit everyone but you can create a look with it to fit into silhouette by defining your waist with a belt.

Belt and a jacket: a double wide belt or Obi- style belt can be ideal in creating this look. Belt your favorite piece of jacket with a statement belt , jean , skirt , pant , mini skirt or wide leg pant.

Pair your belt with print: a belt is a strategic way to visually separate the top from the bottom , adding some definition and structure to all that pattern play. A trend has become nothing short of a style mainstay is the fashionable mixing of prints.

Maxi dress and belt : belts can be the final sartorial touch that completes as polished your total look. Defining your waist with belt on a flowy dress helps give another stylish look.

Classic style pant and belt: wearing a belt can make your outfit look smart and stylish, don’t be static to try new styling. You can beautify your pant with a neutral color of belt or a popping color depending on the color of your pant.

Jumpsuit and belt: flatter your waistline with a nice belt , the belt highlights your waist and it diversify the normal look of your jumpsuit.

Belt with your shirt and skirt: to pull your look together, you could opt for a belt which draws in the colors of your outfit .

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