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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Halitosis aka Bad breath or mouth odour is a condition that can be described as a persistent, unpleasant odour from the mouth of an individual in an exhaled breath.

Bad breath can be embarrassing and may result in anxiety and low self-esteem because,no matter how handsome or beautiful a person looks,bad breath can cancel a preconceived appeal once mouth odour is perceived.

Fresh breath gives one confidence to relate with people and adds beauty to the general outlook of a man or woman.

*Poor Dental Hygiene
*A dirty Colon
*Decaying tooth,Mouth Sores or Gum Disease
*Lifestyle/habits eg Smoking
*Consumption of certain foods.

Bad  breath can be improved with consistent dental hygiene eg Brush your teeth twice daily morning & night with a good toothgel that keeps your breath fresh all day. A good Mouth wash may also help.it is important to brush your teeth at night because it helps to take out the food residue consumed during the day  if not, Bacteria will feast on those food residue while you're asleep and this may result to tooth decay.Focus your attention on the routine while brushing your teeth so as to do a thorough job cleaning your teeth,gum and tongue respectively.
*Drink lots of water during the day to ensure adequate hydration.
*Go for dental check up from time to time.
*Freshen your breath in-between with mints especially if your job entails meeting with people regularly.also do a breath check from time to time.
*Quit bad habits eg Smoking,adopt a healthier dental regimen.
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