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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Talking about Suspenders & Panama Caps for Men


Welcome back to another fashion week.


The outfit we will be talking about today is basically for guy, we will be talking about suspenders and panama cap.


This suspenders can be rock with white long sleeves shirt with a nice leather shoes.


We will also be talking about up and down for guys also which can be rock with a nice boots on them to match.


There are some nice ripped jeans for guys which can comes in different colors.


Today we will talk about white ripped jeans paired with T- shirts and an orange jacket with a sneakers.


We will also be talking about nice short for the beach or get together with a friends with a sleeveless jacket and a scarf to accessories your outfit.


Another outfit we will be looking at are joggers with a white T-shirts with a nice boots or sneakers to match.


Another trending outfit is black T-shirt and a black ripped jeans with a nice sneakers that is plain or colored, it is a very nice outfit which guys can try out to any occasion.


I will be showing you how this outfit can be rocked well.


Reference (@ iamteddyan on IG)

Our model for today is: TEDDy-A-ALPHA, a singer/ actor/model/ tv host / entrepreneur

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