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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

3 Beauty tips for girls by Seun Elegushi



1- Take your make up off before bed:


Many girls often make the mistake of still leaving their make up on while going to sleep. The result of this is that, your pores will be clogged and your face look dirty and puffy when you wake up.

What to do is, cleaning off the day's make up and pollution can reduce irritation, which can age or irritate your skin.



2- Wash your face the right way:


The face is a delicate part of the body. Not many realise this. Which is why it's being approached in a wrong way.


Using of soaps which are not formulated for the face, it can damage your pH balance and dry it out.

There are many other ways to wash your face, from oil cleanser to sonic brushes.


You can use a face cleanser to wash your face with warm water anytime you i8are having your bath.

Also try as much as possible not to touch your face during the day. Use a face towel instead.


3- Sunscreen your hand:


Sunscreen is a cream people use to protect their skin from the sun. It is also a way for people to protect their skin when going out or at the beach.

The mistake girls make is that they do not apply sunscreen to their hands most often.


They apply it on other parts of their bodies other than their hands which is a mistake.

To make your skin even, you have to apply on all areas on your body.

 On top of hands, the earlobes, neck, chest, and eyelids are other areas many people forget to sunscreen.


Thank you for reading !

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