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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



Beautiful Actress, Shaffy Bello is a big name in Nollywood. She is one of the hottest actresses in the industry. She grew up in the US where she completed her education. She also sings. She first shot into the Entertainment scene when she featured vocals in a 1997 hit song, Love Me Jeje, by Seyi Sodimu

Her first major film was Eti Keta, a Yoruba Film. In 2012, she starred as Joanne Lawson in the TV series, Tinsel and as Adesuwa in Taste of Love since then, Shaffy has since featured in several Yoruba and English Language Films and TV series. She is good at what she does. She is one of the very best.

She will be 50 in the next few days, on 11th October, 2020 and she is celebrating it. The exclusive party is titled SHAFFY BELLO ON THE 5TH FLOOR. A few days back, this beautiful & stunning looking actress spoke to City People Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE about her new life @ 50. Below are excerpts.


It is just a few days away. How do you feel right now, as you prepare for your 50th birthday?

How do I feel right now that I am preparing for my 50th? Hmmm! It’s been a journey. Right now, the last couple of weeks have been really, really busy for me. I have been working and also planning a Dinner and planning it in such a way that people will feel good about being there and making preparation for people to come in. It has been tedious, but I’m enjoying the journey. I’m enjoying planning and getting ready. So it’s been great. It’s been an experience.

What are the lessons you have learned at 50?

The lessons I have learned so far is I am more confident in who I am. I am more driven than anything. I am recently divorced and so things have evolved for me. Being 50 is a new journey. It’s a new journey ahead for me and I am embracing everything that is about to happen in my life at 50. I am also looking forward to what would happen in this new series in my life. I am expectant and God willing, it will be a great experience. I am open to all that God has prepared and is preparing for me.

How have you sustained this BIG brand, Shaffy?

Sustaining a brand is not so easy. I am in a place where I know what I want, I know what I want to put out there as content, I know what I want people... I’m being true and authentic to myself. So the brand is in a place of its own. But for me, it’s about embracing what’s true to me and being my authentic self. So, sustaining a brand is just being who I am and just remaining true to myself.


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