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Beautiful Amputee Widow, Yetunde Morenikeji Ajani Raji Reflects On Life @50


These are happy times for lady of Style, Yetunde Morenikeji Ajani Raji. She is in a happy mood right now. She is 50. She has hit the Golden age. Lt’s 50th on 26th October 2020. But she is not celebrating it because of the prevailing situation in the country. But she has a lot to thank God for. She is excited that she has lived to see 50.

Recently, Citypeople Online got her to reflect on how she feels at 50. She revealed a lot.

"Let Me Tell You Something Maybe, You're Thinking.....?

What's Wrong With Yétúndé?

Is There Really Anything To Celebrate?

Yes....Precious Life.

Life Is Worth Living With My My Flaws....

Life Is Worth Living With All Past Mistakes.

Life Is Worth Living With My Errors.

Life Is Still Very Worth Living With All, You Condemned Me For.

Life Is So Worth Living Because, God Picked Me Uniquely With Favour.

Life Is Very Worth Living & I Am Starting A New Chapter At 50 With Gratitude Heart....

I Say, Thank You God For All The Replanting Me As A New Seed.

Èmi Níkan L'óyé

Ìdí Tí Mo Fi Ń S'ako

Kò Mà Lè Yé Enìkankan

Àríìn Èmi Pèlú Adédàá Asèdá Lówà

I Have Seen Some Bad Chapters But, That's Not All To The Entire Book...


This Chapter Fifty....50 Is Full of Extraordinary Grace...

MY BIG FIVE ZERO IS HERE....50 Soon On The 26th of October"

How does she feel hitting the Golden age?

"I feel good to be alive with too many unspoken and "can't share events" of my life in the last 2years particularly, this covid19 year that claimed many souls, especially young ones.. "she replied.

Does she feel 50?

"Not a bit, honestly.

Like my hubby will say, your age is a figure you attached to it.

I feel young within aside the stress of being an amputee widow with full table that, only me can clear and considering the fact of being a Nigerian.

A Great crime I must confess (laughing but truth) but,I am still thankful for mine.

Certainly, I am doing great for that number, Five Zero is a super one here against the heavy storm....feeling younger really."

What are the lessons learnt?

"Life doesn't stop for anyone...

It will never stop rotating with or without anyone.

So enjoy every moment called NOW & try and create or recreate your kind of happiness no matter what."

What is on her mind as she turns 50?




Yes, more daily gratitude...I don't want to live my life without this particularly to my potter-God!


I am wondering why many are so greedy by accumulating what they may not even live to use or enjoy.

I wonder why contentment is so difficult for many of us to have while thanking God with my little without envying anyone for/with theirs.

I ask that God grant me more grace to be better in dealing with life's events than I was yesterday.

I pray and ask God to grant me a unique grace to see my treasure's children with great wealth and perfect health and to be their friend forever...amen.

I pray for peace, love and unity around me,in my life and for my nation and entire world at large.

Kí Àsírí mi má se tú sí omo aráiyé lówó.

Kí asèdá túbò dara pò mó ìrìn àjo aiyé mi àti àwon tó fémi sí rere...àmín."

How is she celebrating her 50th?

"Honestly, I am not doing anything than to keep praising God in my usual manner because, it a rare one as hubby didn't have the grace."

I praise God for the opportunity to allow the world see His grace upon my life.

It's a rare privilege sir.

Thank you once again."

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  1. May you live longer in good and sound mind. Happiest birthday ma

  2. May you continue to model and minister the Lord's goodness all the remaining beautiful and blessed days of your life my sweet darling aburo. Love you plenty

  3. I'm not unknown. It's TitiAkinremi