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Celebrating Kayode Alfred, The CEO of Aristocrat Clothing

 The Story of The Journalist turned Fashion Designer

This is the inspiring story of how a Lagos journalist turned his passion into big business. It is the story of Kayode Alfred, the younger brother of Akogun Lanre Alfred who is also a distinguished journalist, columnist and Publisher.

Kayode Alfred, the journalist turned designer has carved a niche for himself among fashion buffs. Alfred flaunts enviable understanding of clothing thus his bespoke ensembles feature stylish and daring functional designs cut from premium cotton, silk, wool, damask, lace, and cashmere fashioned with the quality finish.


There is no gainsaying Alfred’s love for classy couture blossomed quite early in his youth; according to him, he developed a fascination with modish couture, particularly its designing and tailoring. The celebrity journalist is no doubt ready to take premeditated risks to actualise his dreams of a highly popular and exclusive fashion empire. At the helms of Aristocrat Clothing and Aristocrat Woman Kayode is fully prised to tame the pedestrian and largely formulaic fashion culture that Nigeria has become accustomed to. And he is doing so with unprecedented verve.

A few days back, City People Publisher, Seye Kehinde spoke to Kayode Alfred about his success story. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about your business. How old is your fashion brand?

ď brand? Aristocrat Clothing was 5 years in April but because of the covid-19 pandemic we didn’t do the 5th year anniversary. In the next few weeks we will launch our new collections and also open our new office in Lagos. In the last 5 years we have partnered with Twice As Nice, Bobos clothing and many other fashion companies that sells our ready to wear.  We’ve managed to create an image that people can identify very easily. I can say that. When customers tell me that when they wore something people say, Ah, I can tell. That’s Aristocrat Clothing. I think we’ve succeeded in creating an image that people identify with. It is a very simple image. I hate failing. I like to succeed in whatever I do... when you know you are nowhere near your goal, you strive to move on. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. When you see copies of your clothes, I don’t get offended. If people want to look like that, it’s good. That keeps me going. And obviously God.


Why did you decide to go into Fashion business?

I grew up with it, it was always around me. Because my mum used to be a fashion designer and later delved into supermarket business. I learnt a lot from my late dad. He was one of the most stylish men I’ve seen. As a journalist I’ve done a lot for many designers, so I learnt a lot from them so it was easy for me because elegance and simplicity were always around me.


Do you still do Journalism?

Yes, journalism for me it’s a calling not a job. I love writing and reading about the rich and famous. Presently I write a Sunday column with Thisday Newspaper. I can’t stop writing. In few years I’m not going to be the brain behind Aristocrat Clothing team.  If you go to Gucci, the man is not the one designing all the clothes. They have a team of designers working for them.


Tell us about the Fashion industry today?

Honestly, even though everybody is saying that the fashion industry is growing, I think we still have a long way to go. Government should support the industry and make it bigger.


How do come up with designs?

It depends on the client, the first thing I do is to make what is perfect for them. I have Governors, Senators, I have a lot of Honourables. A lot of people in the corporate world. I really wouldn’t mention names .i would say a lot of my inspiration comes from my environment. I also attend fashion shows around the world. I also draw inspiration from other international designers.


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