Friday, 30 October 2020

Enjoy Your Weekend With These Outfits


It’s another lovely day to be back on today trending fashion.

We will be looking at some nice short skirt with an armless top paired with a nice heels and a nice handbags to match.

Another outfit on today fashion is a palazzo pant trousers with an armless camisole paired with a black white heels to match.

Another trending outfit is a black skinny jeans with a black camisole paired with a peach sneakers or any color of your choice.

We will also be looking at some nice white jacket made from sweet material paired with a bum short match with a pink sneakers

Lastly on today’s outfit is an armless good gown paired with a nice heels it can be rock with any color of heels.

 I will be showing you how to rock this outfit below

Reference (@ DIMSO on ig)

Our model for today is THE DON

Model/ brand influencer/ feminist

 Our model for

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