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How Beautiful Helen Beyioku lmuaphe, the CEO of JoeBol Exquisite Plays Big ln FASHION & BEAUTY

Helen Beyioku Imuaphe is the CEO of JoeBol Exquisite a renowned brand which focus mainly on Fashion Designs, Beauty, Media and Events. She is married and blessed with two lovely sons.


JoeBol Exquisite has four main organisation operating under its umbrella which are IARA Awards, JoeBol Exquisite Cosmetics, JoeBol Exquisite Magazine and JoeBol Exquisite Business Extravaganza.


She studied law at the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria. Helen relocated to the United Kingdom in 2004 where she further read Naturopathic Medicine as well as Health & Social Care.


She ventured into business as a Fashion/Stylist Designer in 2008.  She has her own brand of clothing/shoes collections which include the famous JOEBOL EXQUISITE brands for delectable trailblazers. They include carefully crafted and impeccable evening gowns, immaculate shoes and beauty products.


Helen runs a boutique in Mende, Maryland Lagos. She works closely with her clients to carefully craft the right look suitable for individual lifestyles. Designing and guiding her clients to define their own distinctive image and styles that re-invent their looks by stream-lining and supplementing their wardrobes.


Helen draws inspirations from shapes, architecture and colours.  Every single design focuses on flattering a real woman's body and ensures that her clientele are styled in sync with their body shapes.


Helen technical knowledge of a garment's proper design and fittings combined with her innate creative abilities produce epic and sublime line that reflects the kind of elegant woman that Helen herself is and represents.


Helen believes in the importance of community involvement, inspiring others and giving back to the community.  She loves empowering people with self-confidence that comes with a new look, individual style, organised and enhanced stylish wardrobes.


Helen's philosophy is to bring together businesses, corporate and individuals in love, harmony, unity and empowerment driven with prayers and hard work so as to transform us from 'Ordinary'  to 'Extra-ordinary', 'Impossible' to 'Possible', 'Can't' to 'Can' and be the very best we can ever be.


Helen believes in the power of positive thinking and affirmation; knowing fully well that we can all achieve the very best and can be as great as the thoughts we think.


In July 2020, Helen launched her Cosmetics line (JoeBol Exquisite Cosmetics). It included an array of products such as Powder, Foundation, Concealers, Lipsticks, Eye Shadows, Primer, Setting Powder, Highlighters, Bronzers, Blush, Lip Gloss, Setting Spray, Primers and Makeup Brushes. Her products come in a variety of shades to match all skin tones and skin texture.


Helen's was praised for creating a quality, organic, cruelty free and luxurious beauty line for diverse races at affordable prices. Her vision is creating an inclusive brand that caters for the needs of every woman irrespective of their race, age, sexuality, disability etc. as she strongly believes we are all one.


To find out more about JoeBol Exquisite Cosmetics, visit www.joebolexquisite.net, email [email protected] or contact 02036338963         

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