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How I Became An Amputee in 2007 --Tosin Jegede Tells Citypeople


Oluwatosin Jegede is a beautiful young lady who is an Amputee. But over the years she has not allowed her disability to define her. Though initially, she wasn't happy with what happened to her, she has had to come to terms with that reality. Her amputation took place while she was quite young. 

Her leg did not grow right. So it had to be amputated. So Tosyn grew up without her leg. She has tried grappling with life. She has remained her beautiful self. She is a graduate. She is 24, single, but not in a hurry. Read her story below. It's inspiring.

Can you tell me a bit about how you discovered you had to go for amputation?

Ok. Let me start by introducing myself. I am  Jegede Oluwatosin and I live in Nigeria.

I grew up in Lagos. I was born on the 23rd of July some decade back.

I was born with a deformity of the right lower limb noticed at birth and clinically examined and after due review with  X-ray, a diagnosis of ABSENT OF TIBIA (TYPE 3) with POLYDACTLYLY of the right lower limb was made.


2007 I became an Amputee and I began living my life as a right Above-knee Amputee and Here's my story for a trillion time. I realized each time I tell my story I get to look back and see how far I've come and perhaps dream about how far I'll go.





seriously,  I felt bad That feeling waking up with an empty,numb sensation floating where your limb should be is a nightmare that every amputee wishes they could wake up from. Most people say they’ll rather die than live with a disability. 

When one Albert performed a corrective surgery on me after the operation, I screamed so loud after cause of the pain. I came to hate doctors at that moment because I felt they could have saved my leg instead of amputating it any further and I would not have gone through so much pain(I felt I was an expert then more than the doctors). 

“What was life without a leg??” I kept asking myself. Later I realized there’s definitely life after losing your leg. God takes something from you and gives you something else in return. I thought I would never be happy but later found happiness through simply by being alive and through family and real friends.




My new life came with its own challenges.

Like, at first it was not easy. My prosthesis leg makes me see life from a very different perspective, Although I went through hell especially when I have to hide under might dresses. 

After my amputation it took just 1month for my heal up it was a miracle then my parents had to change my school from old to a new school were everything became strange to me, first day at my new school was hell I became a laughing stock and it was as if the ground should open and swallow me up. that day I noticed they were actually laughing due to my long skirt, and immediately I wanted to go back to my old school were everything looks familiar.

So I got home downcast I told my parents and report the issues but getting worse day by day so the next year I changed my school it was worse as well but at least no one knew happened and I wasn't ready  to explain to anyone since none of them knew me from my childhood so that actually save me from the stress although some do come and will be like what happened to your leg I'll just say is just want an injury that will heal up soon.

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