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Leading Fashion brand, Fashionedge Celebrates @ 5


This is big news! Fashionedge is 5.That is the news currently rocking the fashion industry right now. Fashionedge is a fashion hub on Bode Thomas, Surelere , Lagos creating beautiful designs.

For the past 5 years, Fashionedge has been creating unique and classical clothing outfits of international standard for men and women of all categories.

[20:44, 25/10/2020] Publisher: Citypeople recently interviewed Seunfunmi, the beautiful lady behind the Fashion brand and she revealed the journey so far


"Its so fulfilling. The Journey wouldn't have been possible without God the Almighty, he has been our help,strength,support,advocate and source since inception and today we return all the glory to him.

Fashionedge was borne out of passion for good dressing and finesse.Prior to establishing my outfit in 2015,I have faced several challenges getting my outfits tailored to my satisfaction and promptly, this triggered the spirit of you can do this.With the experience have had working as a marketer of a new generation bank for years and as a Manager in a hospitality firm,having gone through several management trainings both home and abroad with some consultations and resources, I started the journey.

OUR MISSION: Providing a platform whereby everyone regardless of class,can enjoy satisfactory clothing need.Cutting an edge in fashion industry,while harnessing modern technology with competency and speed.

OUR VISION: To be the utmost fashion hub creating unique and classical clothing outfit of international standard for men and women of all categories.

CHALLENGES:We cannot say we do not have challenges especially the cost and other relating issues of doing business in Nigeria,all these were factored in from inception and it helped us to surmount the frustrations that would have crippled us while starting or wait for us at a different parts of the journey.



By and large,we can say categorically that we have come a long way in this our five years of doing business to the glory of God.


We have been blessed with loyal customers that don't hesitate to praise us when need be and at the same time criticise us to do better.


All these have helped us to grow into what we are now.


We use this opportunity to appreciate all Fashionedge women/men both home and abroad.... God will continue to provide for you all and keep you safe. 


To all Fashionedge staffs, we love you all and acknowledge your efforts..Thanks for been a major part of our growth. 

     In another 5 years,we see ourselves as one of the top five fashion hub with the most modern technology creating unique world class pieces that every man and woman will want to associate with.

Fashionedge @V

IG @Fashionedge_seunfunmi 




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