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London Worship Minister, Yetunde Soremekun Awolesi Set to Release New Single


A lot of people are waiting for her new single. This is because gospel singer Yetunde Soremekun Awolesi is good at what she does. She is a Psalmist, Worship Minister and businesswoman.

She is into Fabrics. She sells designer bags, shoes and Accessories.

A few days back she spoke to City People Publisher SEYE KEHINDE about her new single which will be out on 28th October, 2020. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about your new single…

My New Single titled "Mighty God" is a confirmation of his mightiness in my life

A few years back I was going through so much issues at the same time. I loved and still love to worship God was and still very committed to God as a Worshipper and love to lead people into his presence. However there was a need in my life a vacuum that needed to be filled.  God used me to bless lives, souls were lifted when I lead worship but here was I.  Every time I left a venue of worship and walked through the door, it dawned on me or rather the devil will bring that need back to remembrance.

One of those days in my place of prayer at home i got so emotional and was almost giving up and then  I had God speak to me clearly it was so loud that I looked back and asked my husband if he had said anything but he was sleeping soundly .Then the lyrics of the song started flowing. That encounter was different i could feel God instructing me. I knew it was time to begin doing my music on another level, I started work on it immediately but was still not able to release it that year though the need was still there but God gave me peace in the midst of the storm and that same year my need was miraculously met.

Today I can testify of the Blessings of the "Mighty God" Glory Halleluyah!!!

How did you go into music? Is it the main job you do?

Going into Music was a natural thing for me because I grew up in a musically inclined family. I started singing at the tender age of 4 in nursery and did my first presentation on a national TV same year. I grew up loving to sing from then, from nursery to primary where I would still be majorly featured in choir festivals and concerts.  While in secondary I took it more serious as I joined the school choir and was recommended for the Lagos state schools choral and a few other private choir groups. I attended a baptist secondary school so that helped in shaping my life and future. I continued singing and when I became born again I realised that I was actually created to worship. I haven't looked back ever since. Worship is my lifestyle, when I'm awake and even in my sleep; it's the only thing I do without checking the time. For me Worshipping God is a main Job, the most profitable work or profession anyone can do. However when I'm not singing I have other businesses I do.

Tell us about Mrs Yetunde Soremekun

Yetunde Soremekun Awolesi (YSA Hill top praise) is a God fearing, passionate worship leader, song writer, Entrepreneur and home builder who is UK based. Her singing talent was discovered at the tender age of 4, when she featured in a musical concert on the  National TV. Her passion and commitment to singing is commendable. She attended Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School Yaba & She studied Insurance at the Polythechnic Ibadan in Nigeria. She is also a graduate of the school of disciples of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and An Ordained Deaconess, YSA as she is fondly called is passionate about women empowerment, helping women in abusive relationships to speak out and get early intervention .She is the co-founder of the group behind the mask and a member of many other women's forum.

Apart from her New Single she has other major upcoming projects in pipeline, which the Lord has laid on her heart.

YSA loves cooking and likes to see everyone around her happy and fulfilled. She is a committed worship leader in RCCG Victory house London. Her mission is to Populate the Kingdom of heaven through her God given talent .She is happily married to Mr Olakunle Awolesi and blessed with two children and a grandchild.

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