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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Prophetess Olubori Gets Brand New 2021 Jaguar Gift From Husband


Prophetess Mary Olubori is in a happy mood right now as she celebrates her 50th birthday. She just received a brand new  2021 Jaguar SUV from her husband, Pastor Israel Olubori.

She confessed to everyone that when she got the gift pack containing the car keys and remote control from her husband she thought it was a perfume gift.

"I initially thought it was a perfume gift Looking at the box the way it was wrapped.l didn't know it's a brand new Jaguar 2021 gift."

Although Citypeople couldn't get the actual price of the Jaguar gift from her, we gathered that the current cost is about £54,000 (N28.6 million)

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