Friday, 30 October 2020



Do you think you don’t have options or that older men only? Want younger women? LET ME HEELP YOU!


We are NOT the generation of women of the past. They were taught that the older the woman, the less value she has. Now, unless the men you seek desires to have children, that notion is false. You can be more attractive as you get older you’re even more attractive.


In 2020, if you are youthful, look good, keep yourself up, fun, not carrying baggage, wise, spontaneous, UNDERSTAND MEN etc... you can have ANY MAN YOU WANT!


You see, women who are more mature and seasoned know what they want. We are not afraid to tell a man either. We have exciting lives, free time and OPTIONS from 28 - 88 lol! And not men who are looking for a mother or a nurse. Men that want to take care, provide, and be everything he needs to be to you


We don’t nag over dumb stuff, we know how to treat a man, and we give him his space because we need our space! We don’t need to be up under him 24/7, checking his phone because WE HAVE OPTIONS IF HE WANTS TO ACT LIKE HE FORGOT WHO WE ARE! Our walk away game is quiet and strong! What’s out of place will be replace


Oh, and did I mention that our love making skills are probably something you’ve never experienced. Why? Because not only are we in our sexual prime, but we have taken the time to get in tuned with our sensuality, our body and sexuality. And god forbid the woman is PLANT BASED! That’s an entirely different sexual experience


We no longer believe that our job is to only please the man in the bedroom. We take control to ensure that we are pleased as well. If he can’t hang, BYE BYE!


As the saying goes, “a new broom knows how to sweep up the dirt, but a seasoned broom knows exactly where the dirt is”


So, ladies, don’t get it twisted, you have OPTIONS! However, how you keep yourself up will play a part in just how many options that you have.






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