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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


All across Nigeria, there is a song in the air and the streets are buzzing with excitement. Why you may ask? This is because the Nigerian youths have finally woken up to the realization, they are the tomorrow, the better future, and hope for the nation we have all been told about.

Nigerians and Nigerian youths have had enough of the excesses and atrocities committed by Special Anti-Robbery Squads (SARS). This is an arm of the Nigerian police force, whose duty it is to protect lives and properties, instead lives and properties are in danger on their watch. People have been maimed, killed and even raped with impunity as there is no accountability. #ENDSARSNOW is the new buzz word.

The protests have gathered momentum from state to state. International and local celebrities have lended their voices, members of the old guard like Area Fada, Charly Boy and Dede Mabiaku  who never got their protests very far are in full support. Members  of the clergy and people from all walks of life are showing support, and so is the Nigerian community in the  Diaspora.

This article is only the first part, sharing photos from the different locations around the world where Nigerian are calling on the international community to support the #ENDSARSNOW movement as the news from the motherland is very encouraging.

The wind of change is blowing. From London,  Paris, Germany,  Manchester, the USA and beyond. Nigerians and friends of Nigeria are singing from the same hymn sheet in support of the protests. The show of solidarity, protection, maturity, proper organisation and peace that have been displayed, is taking everyone by surprise. Nigerian youths are not lazy at all. They have shown an amazing sense of control.

Maybe finally this time, we are onto something good. And that dream of a better Nigeria is not so far off afterall. The sleeping giant is slowly waking up to take her pride of place. Nigeria We Hail Thee.

Photo Credit: Mcee Cole, Cee Bee Gold, Nikki Badmus and Facebook. 

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