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Top of the day to you all..I hope you are doing well. Today, I will be sharing on how you can break addiction to unhealthy Drinks with focus on Carbonated drinks aka Soft drink/ Mineral.


Unhealthy drinks are drinks that are produced from chemical compounds. Most people enjoy drinking these products for different reasons such as the taste, Appeal and Satisfaction they derive after consuming them. However, the most important questions we need to ask are; What benefit does my body derive from consuming this drink?

Does it have the ability to cause harm to my body overtime?

Will it affect my body's functionality if I consume it excessively?

Does my age have anything to do with what I consume?

Going forward,answering these questions will help shape the decision to either continue  consuming them and experience the effects or make efforts to break the addiction and adopt habits that will improve our well-being.




1)Do you know that carbonated drinks can drain your body fluids? The Sugar quantity inside a carbonated drink, needs to be processed in a high level therefore it requires a lot of body fluids.one would need to drink 8-10 glass of water in order to replace the loss of body fluids.in a situation where one consumes 'Soft drink' and  doesn't drink enough water to replace body fluids,it has the tendency of making bowel movement difficult and passing hard stool.




Consuming sugar sweetened carbonated drink adds calories to your diet which may increase your risk of being overweight and obesity..



Your mouth contains bacteria that feed on sugar producing chemicals that can break down the hard enamel of your teeth. A cavity forms when the erosion of the enamel exposes the soft inner core of your tooth. When you drink carbonated drink,the sugar remains in your mouth, promoting the process that lead to tooth decay..

The acid in these carbonated drinks further increase the likelihood of developing cavities because these chemicals also slowly erode the enamel of your teeth.



Regular consumption of carbonated drinks may reduce bone strength. The presence of Phosphoric acid, Caffeine and carbonation in Carbonated drinks may interfere with Calcium absorption which could affect bone health..




 1) WATER: Adequate intake of water helps the body thrive, helps to regulate body temperature,it helps the kidneys flush out waste, boosts the skin,it helps the digestive system, prevent s constipation,maintains blood pressure etc.


2) NATURAL JUICE: Juice   made from fruits are also good for the body and can be a healthy option to carbonated drink..


3) SMOOTHIES: Smoothies are great alternatives to carbonated drinks..they have great taste and also contain Nutrients, Minerals and Phytochemicals that nourish the body.

For more on how to make healthy smoothies  visit  FACEBOOK: Wellness Essentials n Wealth.


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