Friday, 27 November 2020

Forever living Member Adesola, DESSY, Talks About The Joy Of Turning 60



Within the Forever Living Nigeria family many members know her. She is passionate about her commitments to the group. She is dynamic. She is creative. She is hardworking. That is the story of Desola @ 60.She is a Recognize Manager with Forever living. As you read this she is in a happy mood. She is 60, but still looks far younger. She is blessed with a lovely girly figure that takes many years away from her look. Recently she told Citypeople Publisher Seye Kehinde her success story. Below are excerpts of the interview.



How do you feel clocking 60?

This is one question people ask me and my answer is always the same,  I'm really grateful to God but honestly I don't feel the age, I'm still myself no pains, no wrinkles nothing of old age symptoms at all


What are the lessons life has thought you at 60?


Lessons learnt at 60 is the fact that in life plan yourself well for whatever comes your way while growing up make use of if positively, never waste time on anything at all because old age is fast approaching than you think. As a youth get a mentor of the picture you want to be in life, get close and follow mentorship and definitely you will achieve that picture you want in life

Let's have you tell us about your relationship with Forever Living family. What made you join?

Me as a Forever Business Owner (FBO), the relationship with Forever Living Family is a true family setup because business is built on LOVE, INTEGRITY AND SINCERITY to the extent that even when you travel out your business is still running and you will not even want to leave the circle of your business partners. What made me join the business is because of the lifestyle the business offers, helping other people to achieve their goals in life most especially given the youth to be an entrepreneur and not to depend on anybody but use the system in Forever to achieve their goal and be successful in life

How do you feel being a member of Forever living?

Wow! Talking about how I feel being a member, great of course because using the products have really enhance my looking younger than my age, I have been someone that love to look young so coming in contact with Forever products really help me out and honestly I want to recommend this business and products to mostly ladies in their 40's and 50's they will surely benefit greatly in using the products to enhance their beauty also, women that love to enjoy their old age should come along because Forever products will give them that sound health to enjoy old age without any joint pains. People always say AGE GRACEFULLY am telling everyone that will read through this that you will enjoy a SMOOTH AND YOUNG LOOK using Forever Living Products. We are ready as a vibrant team (LCG) in Forever business family to show you how to achieve everything if you get in touch with us


How do you plan to celebrate your 60th birthday?

Hmmm, celebrating my 60th birthday initially we are planning big but with the situation on the ground (the Progressive Period) we don't talk negatively in our language in LCG and Forever at large so because of this I have wanted to cancel it but my leaders in LCG (The White Diamond) heard about it and insisted that they have to celebrate me so come Monday 30th LCG as a team will be celebrating me. Also because we want to use the occasion to show our guests the benefit of becoming a Forever Business Owner and mostly to enjoy the products because they don't have to do the business before they can enjoy the products. So Praise the Lord with me.

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