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How COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Real Estate Business -By Real Estate Player, Monisola Olubunmi

Monisola Olubunmi is an accomplished real estate player. She is good at what she does and she is an award winning practitioner who is making great impact in her own space. She runs Executive Homes & Properties.

She was born into a family of 6. She had her primary and secondary school education at Osun State and furthered for her University Education in the department of Religious Studies at Obafemi Awolowo University between the year 2007-2011 where she graduated as the best graduating female student of her set with an award from Rosalind I.J Jacket.

Monisola Olubunmi is a certified Digital Marketer, Branding and Leadership Professional, a selfless coach, an author of two powerful books: The No Headache Facebook ads and The Magnetic Sales.


 Her unquenchable interest in solving human needs propelled her to assist people of different social statuses from different walks of life, manage and expand their limited resources. 

She has consulted for top Real Estate Companies in Lagos Nigeria where she recently badged two recognitions as the best-selling Consultant for Westagro Foods and Processing Ltd first quarter 2020 and Top 6 Outstanding Realtor for second quarter 2020 with Zylus Homes. She, together with her team have consulted for individuals such as CEOs of International Organizations, Real Estate Investors and Developers, Top administrators in Nigeria and diaspora.

She was nominated as the first Nigerian female agent to participate in Uoolu Global Real Estate Internet Summit 2020 in Shenzhen, China.


She represented Gtext Homes under the Umbrella of Stephen Akintayo Consulting in Business Development, Management, Customers Relationship's and Marketing.


She proceeded to be a facilitator and co-ordinator of KG Professionals: an online training platform which she created to help Real Estate Professionals earn six to seven figures monthly through her FREE sales coaching.


She currently works as the Chief Executive Director of Executive and Quality Lifestyle Enterprise with a popular trade name:  Executive Homes and Properties. A registered Online Brokerage Company that helps individuals own genuine and affordable properties  with a current vision of Training 5000 individuals annually on Smart Investment Skills.


She is happily married to Olubunmi Ayodeji and blessed with 3 sons.

She recently spoke to Citypeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde on how her industry survived Covid 19 pandemic. Below are excerpts of the beautiful interview which reveals a lot about this dynamic and creative Real estate player.


What is the effect of Covid 19 on Real Estate?

Just like other sectors experienced, Covid 19 Pandemic disrupted quite a number of activities. However, Real Estate industry has witnessed both the positive and a few negative impacts of the pandemic.


On the side of the investors, many people became house owners because Asset values dropped. A lot of properties that were sold at higher values have been subsidized, hence investors are able to take advantage of it before prices start increasing rapidly to return the value it may have lost.


Also due to the pandemic, sadly many people became unemployed. Covid 19 situation is a force majeurs which no one expected. Tenants who weren't fully prepared earlier found it difficult to renew house rent in the cities. As a result, properties at the fringes of the City especially Lagos suddenly becomes hot cakes as more tenants now move there. Construction companies with home buyers found building of portable houses very profitable at this era.


How did you cope as a practitioner?

Due to the restriction of movement during the pandemic, I, as a practitioner together with my team took advantage of our digital skills fully. I was able to connect better with our clients through our various social media platforms. Our webinar participants increased tremendously, hence virtual inspections were coordinated successfully for our property buyers.

What are the major lessons?

One of the major lesson this year has taught us is to always be fully prepared for rainy seasons and to always avoid procrastination. Most importantly, we learnt to be smart with our Investment decisions. Imagine those who managed to acquire a piece of land or house outrightly last year, they now have NO worries on rent payment.

What services does your real estate company offer potential clients?

Executive Homes and Properties is one of the fastest growing Real Estate Brokerage Company in Lagos State, Nigeria. We help you to grow, manage and expand your limited resources by educating you on genuine Real Estate and Agricultural Investment.

We also train our potential clients on how they can legally make up to 50% returns on their capital Investment within 8 weeks through Land banking Method.


Through Joint Ventures, we also partner with home owners who have their houses at Prime Locations of Lagos such as Ikeja GRA, Magodo Phase 2, Omole and Lekki Axis of Lagos State.








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  1. Mrs Olubunmi, an erudite Realtor, eloquent encourager of clirnts. I look forward to trade with her in the real estate business. She is factual and considerate. Sky is her starting point. God is your strength. God bless you.