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How Rev Mother Esther Ajayi Helps White Garment churches All Over The World - Gospel Music Star, Samson Serafu(Music By Serafu)


Music By Serafu is a big music brand in the Gospel music world. He is also big among the White Garment churches. He sings well. He is talented. He is Creative and Gifted. That is why Rev Mother Esther Ajayi likes him and he is one of those who thrill at her events. How did he start? How did he hit it big? He recently told City people Magazine his inspiring story. Below are excerpts.

Can we meet Samson Serafu who many call Music By Serafu?


I am popular for ministering around the world & graced enough to update people my whereabouts on social platforms where catching me In person wouldn’t be too hard.


I am on social media so therefore my handles would be attached to this document for those interested in finding about more of me or where I shall be performing.


How do you see all the criticism going on in the white garment church?

I am always about relationships, my relationship with the white garment church is too strong to just allow criticism to make me surrender or leave. It’s good to hear such happen, I’m an white garment activist meaning I definitely will be ready to hear it but stand my grounds to change what I can or leave it for others.


Criticism is high in the white garment church especially by those who aren’t part of the fold. I really don’t let it get to me but I do listen to what is being said by others and I have to ask the people around me if they agree or not and how can we as a community from the white garment church come  forward to do our part to change their opinion and the views towards what is being said about the white garment fold.

It will never be a days job but there is beauty in the white garment church and I’m here to showcase such beauty.


Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi in recent years has brought the white Garment churches into international limelight, what is your take on that and how do you want to put your role as an ambassador of C&S Youths into use?


Reverend Mother Esther Ajayi did the impossible 3 years in a row with the annual programme, Celebrate the Comforter.

Luckily I got to witness all three years from the United Kingdom addition to the United States of America addition to the Nigerian addition as I was part of the Comforter Youths around the world. We travelled to Nigeria we travelled to Jerusalem with travel to various states in the United States of America.

I was privileged to follow her on to many programmes and seeing her do her part by being a vessel of the white garment church & actually making the effort to bring the Celestial Church of Christ and the Cherubim & Seraphim church together has been an amazing experience.


All my life I have wanted the White Garment to just do the impossible be and be on TV, trend on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube where people are ready to talk about it now and my own verdict on the situation of the white garment is we still have a lot more to do but I am doing what I can do without waiting for people to do what I can do through God who strengthens me.


Where do you see yourself and the white garment church in the next decade?


I see not just myself but my community of people with cathedrals & real standard built churches in the next decade where we have white people, Caribbean & Chinese people all types of people from all different ethnic backgrounds, waking up each morning on a Sunday knowing that they are ready to wear the garment with pride on public transport and in their cars, in a shopping store for ourselves to talk about peacefully and boldly that “oh yes I’m a white garment member” without being ashamed of the Celestial Church of Christ And The Cherubim & Seraphim church.


Seeing our logo, seeing our pictures on billboards on side & on the back of buses, in the newspapers, talking about us positively on the news, having our own channel with information on what’s happening over the next months with events & upcoming programmes. To even have our own drama series, music channels. White Garment is talented, white garment is gifted, white garment is blessed and I Samson Serafu Is here and ready in Nigeria today to stand on my feet and use my own personal phone camera if I have too to show that we from the celestial Church of Christ and Cherubim & Seraphim church are outstanding.


You were born as a muslim. How did you get into the C&S Family and how did you become an ambassador?


Everything was planned by God.God doesn’t make mistakes,even if we feel he did.


Once you understand God, You leave God be.Just maybe if I was still a Muslim and no offence to my Muslims just maybe I might not be who I am today so that’s why I said God doesn’t make a mistakes.

So me being a Christian now doesn’t mean I just respect Christians,

I respect Religions as a whole.

Muslims call Allah, Allah Is God and God is God and whatever we choose to do in life, let’s all do with love, unity and peace. Therefore as long as God is praised even if I went back to being a Muslim I will always send the same message, that do good, love one another, help others, be righteous, charitable, relatable & live a great life.


Instagram: MusicBySerafu_

Facebook: Asiwaju Samson Serafu Folarin

Snapchat: MusicBySerafu

YouTube: InsideSerafu

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