Tuesday, 24 November 2020

How YETUNDE EMIOLA, The CEO Of Visible Beauty Haven, Helps Other Ladies To Look Beautiful

Have you ever met Olori Yetunde Emiola before? If you have you must have noticed her flawless skin.

She is naturally blessed with a good skin that glows. Her job is to help other ladies look good and beautiful. Yetunde is a certified Cosmetologist

She is also a Skin & Beauty Therapist.  She runs Visible Beauty Haven which has a top notch Spa. She runs this skin care business that formulates Organic Skincare Range that is suitable for all skin types.

"We test and treat different skin conditions", she explains.

"Our services include the following: Manicure, Pedicure, Massage (deep tissue, hot stone & Aroma therapy), Facials (Acne reduction, fruit & Anti-aging), Cream recommendation and Skin testing.

We are Beauty Consultants."

Olori Yetunde Emiola is a happy person. She says," l love what I do. Its my passion".


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