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My Ambition Is To Become A Super Model Globally - Folashade Omotayo

Folashade Omotayo is one of the popular models currently in hot demand in Lagos. She is blessed with all the vital statistics. She is 5'10 Her burst is 33,Waist is 24,Hip is 32 and Shoulder is 14.She is a Size 4-6

How exciting is the world of Modeling we asked her? "To be honest it really not easy for a small size like myself but when I see my role models walking the runway i keep telling myself i can do it and I will get there.....modelling to me is fun you get to wear designers wear to show case how beautiful and elegant it is and how comfortable it is too."

Who are the big models she looks up to? She mentioned a few, "Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Kendra Jenner, Zozibini Tunzi, a whole lot of them....."

What does she do to keep her figure? "Well a bit of exercise. I love to sleep and i love understanding what my body wants, both medically and physically." And I drink water a lot

What is her ambition professionally we asked her "Well my ambition is to become a top and super model not just in Nigeria but globally"

What are the secrets of her success in the industry, we probed further.

"A lot. Let me list them for you. Folashade Omotayo is a lover of God.

 I am the third out of six children.  I am skinny, very dark and tall 5'10

I love to eat a lot. I love to sing and dance. I do 2 hours 5 times a week.

I love to meet people and I have great communication skills.

I love to travel (see places also love beautiful things like the Sun, Star and the Moon).

I hate lies and cheats. I hate abbreviations with passion.....

I love to love (show and give love) and I love to write at times.

I don't party, smoke, club and drink. I love watching cartoons and movies (strictly American movies).

 I love looking beautiful in my skin and I believe in natural beauty inside and outside.  I am very resilient and hardworking. I am extremely emotional and sensitive. I love dogs. I love myself more than anything.

 I hate gossips and backbiting. I am a Make-up Artist, baker and a Model.

 I believe difficult roads always leads to an amazing destination.

I believe in perseverance, tolerance and patience. I love playing table tennis. I believe in gender equality.

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  1. Amazing pictures of a truly supermodel in the making. Continue to reach higher Folashade.
    - Diddy.

  2. Thank you diddy....duly appreciated��