Sunday, 1 November 2020

Popular Broadcaster, Lanre Anjola Oyebode Reflects On [email protected] 50


Lanre Anjola Oyebode is a seasoned broadcaster. She is an accomplished professional who handles her craft with all the seriousness it deserves. No wonder she is well respected in the industry. She recently stepped up to the 5th floor. She is now 50.But she doesn't look it. What is the secret of her success? She recently told City People Publisher Seye Kehinde. Below are excerpts.


Congratulations on your 50th birthday anniversary. How does it make you feel?

Really good! Life hasn't perfect but I've been truly blessed…

In career, marriage, health and with really true and loyal friends.

My heart is full of joy and I'm just grateful to God.


Do you feel 50? What are the lessons learnt?

Not really sure I know what age 50 is supposed to feel like but I'm in excellent health. I've worked out at least 3 times a week since 2006. My stamina is great, I'm in not too bad a shape for my age and spirit is light. So yeah, it's safe to say I feel really good at 50.

To the second part of Q2: I've learned not to feel bad for making decisions that can contribute positively to my overall happiness but likely to upset a few people.

I'm responsible for my own happiness not theirs.

Anyone who expects me to be miserable so they can be happy doesn't deserve to be in my life anyway.

That's toxic and I've had to learn the hard way to walk away from all that.

It's not selfishness; I call it SELF-LOVE and it's okay.


Looking back do you feel fulfilled?

Yes, I'm fulfilled. Mine has been a very eventful life and I thank God for that.

Are there things I wish could have achieved before turning 50?

Sincerely, yes but for every single thing I did manage to accomplish, there's a sense of fulfillment I truly can't deny.


Let's talk about your career How fulfilled are you as a broadcaster?

Ahhhh! This one! Hmmm!

Greatly fulfilled as a Broadcaster. From the age of 10, I knew that was the path I wanted to follow. I wanted to do both Radio and TV and I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to do just that over a period of 29 unbroken years that I've worked as a Broadcaster.

With this Profession, I've touched so many lives, up close and from a distant through various programmes I've produced and presented over the years.

I've been instrumental in the discovery and nurturing of many young and promising Talents in the Broadcast Industry.

No regrets! Totally fulfilled. Given the chance, I would choose broadcasting all over again.


Tell us a bit about your growing up years. Where were you born?

I was born in Lagos on the 10th of October 1970 at the Military Hospital, Yaba. My Dad was in the Military and my Mum was a Housewife who later ventured into a bit of business. Growing up was cool. Even at a young age, I was a people's person so I blended well into any setting and environment.


How about schooling? And the courses you studied?    

I started schooling at the age of 3 at what's believed to be the first Private Nursery and Primary School with Boarding facilities in Nigeria, Children's House School, Ibara, Abeokuta.

My family moved around a lot due to the nature of my Dad's job so Boarding School became necessary to give my sister and I some stability.

I took to life in Boarding School like a Champ!

From there, I proceeded to Federal Government Girls' College, (FGGC) Benin for my Secondary School Education. This was from 1982-1988.


In 1991, I gained admission into the then Ogum State, Polytechnic Ojere, Abeokuta (now Moshood Abiola Polytechnic) to study Mass Communication and got my Higher National Diploma (HND) Mass Communication in 1995.


My career in Broadcasting started while still an undergraduate. This was during a mandatory 4 months Internship programme at the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation. I was discovered by Veteran Broadcaster, Sesan Ekisola. He put me to work right away and I was part of the pioneer staff of OGBC 2 FM.

I worked all through my time in School. Juggling a budding career with my studies was tough but I pulled through and the rest like they say, is now history.


  1. Congratulations to the Amazing Broadcaster at 50

  2. Congrats Lanre,keep shining,oga us proud of you