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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



This print evokes words like exotic, luxury, elegance, opulence, stylish, royalty, you name it.

Leopard print in my opinion should be worn like you are going to meet the Queen, going  for tea at the Savoy or the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja.

One tip is, bring your style A game on, even if it is wearing the print with a pair of denims when hanging out with your girls, or going on date. Believe me, you will feel like a million dollars.(Dont forget the sunnies extra large preferably) Lol

Studying big cats like leopards, ocelots, cheetahs etc, one notices that elegance about them. These animals are stealthy. Their walk, the way they run, the way they hunt, the look in their eyes, it speaks volumes, of confidence and being in control, no wonder the fashion industry adopted the big cat essence,"thecatwalk".  It is confidence, elegance, and sexiness personified.

Leopard prints are timeless. They seem to go away, but they never really go away. As a big supporter of fashion goneby, I would advise us to  save any unique item of clothing in this print, as it can always be styled to respond perfectly inline with fashion trends of the day. Believe me, nothing is more exciting than having a one-off which makes your outfit the envy of all.

I hope you all like the style ideas chosen for you in this piece. Style ideas from yours fabulously, Rita Dominic, Victoria Beckham etc. Feel free to send me your leopard print ensemble which will make a Fashion Focus or Fabulousity & Affordabilty feature.

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