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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating London Stylish Lady, Renike Ayinke Aberuagba


She is a beautiful Fabric Merchant in London. She is into Textiles. She is also stylish. That is why anytime you see Renike Ayinke Aberuagba she is always glamorously attired. She is always on point. She likes her Shuku hairstyle. She is a simple woman but classy.

Recently, Citypeople asked her what informs what she wears.

"I decide what to wear to parties depending on my mood and the kind or the calibre of parties I'm attending, "she explained.

"Also, I always like to wear what looks good on me."

What is the secret of her beautiful look? 

" The secret of my beauty is peace of mind. I always try to keep myself happy and does not let anything bother me."



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