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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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Hello ladies!

My name is Yetunde Ikotun Ojo.I run



I am a fashion enthusiast!

I am a wardrobe consultant!

I create fashion,live fashion,breathe fashion!


As from now,I am going to be serenading you with some fashion and beauty tips!They are tips you can't afford to miss.You will enjoy the tips.


For today, let's go into the world of facial beauty.


Let's talk about the aspect of facial beautification that is called "Makeup"!


What is "making up"?


It is just a simple processs of using products that are specifically produced for enhancing the facial beauty!


We have different brands of this products,but they all serve the same purpose!


The most important thing is the "know how"!


Sincerely, u need to know how to use the products effectively, and voila!you have yourself a beautiful "made up" face!

Wait for my next article coming out soon,for more....


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