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London Celebrity Lady, Oludare Gogo-Hassan, Celebrates At 45, Reveals Her COVID Story

It’s the 45th birthday of London Celebrity lady, Oludare Gogo-Hassan and she is in a happy. She has a lot to thank God for. She is happy because God has kept her strong. She recently revealed what she calls My COVID story .....

 "Have you ever been through a situation where you know that it’s only God that can see you through ..."she wrote on her Facebook page.

"Hmmm that was my story.

The blood of Jesus does not fail ", one of my sisters said

"It will not fail you now.

Some people had COVID and died.

Some had underlying health issues some had none ....

I had heard stories of different experiences, some people I knew personally...

At my place of work some sections had been shut down because of cases.

I remember doing some stuff at work and feeling this wave of tiredness

I need to rest I say to myself..

The next day I had a weird cough it got worse the day after ... with horrible chest pains I became afraid to cough because of the pain in my chest .And I was sent home.

I ordered a test which came pretty quickly

Positive it said!!!

I was sorta numb but not really

The past few days before the test had been very bad

I had aches and pains everywhere in my body

I just wanted to lie down and sleep I spent one whole day in bed sleeping.

When I tried to move it felt like I was shifting a truck load of stuff.

But in all this I never panicked

Those who know me know I’m a world panicker if there is such a word.

But I felt calm.

I didn’t entertain any fear

I avoided telling most of my family because I would end up stressing more and crying etc I’m a very mushy person

I will say this though

The NHS doctors are the best in the world

One day in particular 4 different doctors called me back to back they sounded caring and concerned. They sent some drugs to me .It touched me

May God keep them safe and sound .God bless them

Anyway bottom line. I recovered from Covid

Praise God!!!!

It could only be God."

One funny thing though ... and I’ll say it here without shame.

I tend to fret a lot.

But when faced with this I was never scared not once.

My immediate concern was my kids and their welfare and who to entrust that to in the coming days. So I told those who I felt would take charge when needed ...weird that because I kid you not I am a baby in some things.

God is good"


"This wasn’t a walk in the park.

It was physically shattering

I felt worn and sore in every part of my body. I felt so sore and unwell ... the phlegm was on another level. I was hot yet cold. The headache was such that pain killers were not helping. I remember crying from the pain."

But the funny part is at the very worst of it I wasn’t even aware.

God stayed the course with me

The Holy Spirit shielded that from me .You see some people have it easy .Some not so.

Some absolutely deadly.

But God saw me through the course.

HE gave HIS Angels charge over me.

Who am I Lord that though art mindful of me?

My confessions of divine Health came forth even more with bursting resolve

I spoke words that God had said about who I am in Christ."


"I remember the doctor had given a particular day to watch out for during the covid

Day 7-10 he said ... these are the signs to look out for and if you feel this way call me straightaway

“I will not need to!!”I resolved in my spirit.I will be fine

The day came and I remember fretting when I had a few breathing issues.

No I shouted in my spirit NO!!! I said I’ll be fine and I remember sitting up saying no I’m not having breathing issues I refuse!!

My crew God bless them forever got me all sorts from the prescribed steaming ingredients to all sorts of soups. I remember leek and carrot soup .I remember another with pakchoi in it.

Life you see is spiritual

It is. It’s always best to start from the spiritual.

Always better. It can literally save your life.

Your confessions at this time is of utmost importance

It doesn’t matter whether your body is ravaged

Speak what you want


A couple of my sisters became my counsellors. God bless them.

I remember thinking that wow that was like a train wreck that I just came out from.


So today ...Hmmm

Today a heart of gratitude is what I come with o Baba

A heart of Gratitude.

Of awe. "


"When in that Fire,

When in the eye of that storm,

My God kept my life in His and shielded me at the time it was worst hit.


What can I say to show Gratitude?  I will testify.

Yes I will.

Please join me to thank This God.Many died not because they did anything wrong

Some walked through it like as if it was nothing.

Some had the scars of the battle some scars severe some mild ...But all in all God is still God last I checked.


Thanks Lord for everything and everyone you placed in my path to be there for me.

I’m a COVID survivor!!!!

Blessed be God....


P.S. it did not stop me posting on Facebook sha...

Yessy Ajidz ever calm and collected checking on me all the time.

Sumbo Onwionoko calling me every 5 minutes literally to check up on me.

Lande Omo Oba calling to see how I was everyday showing care.

Oluwatosin Gogo Ahanonu not content to call, she was video calling me to see that I was well.

Oluwatoyin Gogo-hassan called me.She showed love.


My dear brothers were sooo concerned about me.I am grateful oooo. Baba ese o....

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  1. Thank God for making you a living witness and not part of dead covid 19 statistics.