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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Nice Trending Outfits To Look Out For

Hello beautiful people we are back today with a nice trending styles and outfits.

We will be looking at a skinny blue jeans with a red camisole paired with a cross red bag and red slide to match.

Another outfit we will be checking is a cream skirt with a black top paired with slippers to match.

Another lovely skinny jeans we will be looking with a nice green crop top paired with a white handbag and a white slippers.

We will also be looking at a joggers with a black crop tip paired with a small cross bag and a nice slide to match.

Another outfit we will be looking at is a black armless gown paired with a brown bag with a brown slippers.

I will be showing you how this outfit can be rocked.

Reference (NATURE-BBY on IG)

Our model for today is: Chukwu Obianuju Rita

A model/beauty- fashion/brand influencer.

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