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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The Simple But Classy Style Of Ogun 1st Lady, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun


Have you seen the Ogun State 1st Lady arrive at a function before? She is always elegantly and smartly dressed. She dresses to suit the occasion. By nature she is a very simple lady who has no airs around her. That shows a lot in what she wears .Simplicity and Comfort are 2 key principles that inform what she wears. Yet she is very classy and stylish in her own unique way. She seldom makes up. She loves Ankara and Adire a lot. She also dresses formal when the occasion demands it. She is very respectful. And she is always driven by the need to achieve. She has set goals and she is always out to achieve them. She is a goal getter. And she is also driven by the need to touch lives. Over the last few years she has touched the lives of a lot of youths and Women. She is always eager to help.

She is a beautiful woman who loves to look good. She wears what sits well on her slim frame. She loves good Designer glasses. She doesn't joke with her hair. She loves good shoes and accessories.

In all of these, she’s still her simple self. She prefers to be simply called Bamidele Abiodun. But because of the peculiar nature of our society, to show courtesy, many prefer to call her, Her Excellency.

We salute Her Excellency. Keep the flag flying...

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