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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Lagos Celebrity Woman, Olanike Olawoyin Reveals Why She Will Miss Her Dad

A few days back, Lagos society woman, Olanike Olawoyin lost her dad and she broke down in tears. Below, this beautiful and stylish woman reveals the bond that existed between her and her dad.

"Dad is gone just like that. Oh God, hear my cry. I can't sleep. I am so restless right now. Pls wake my dad up for me; I want to talk to him pls."

“I can vividly remember the first pay job I ever had then with one renowned company. The company asked me to produce my referee or guarantor,  my dad replied let me follow you there,  produce me because I  trust you, of which the act is  against the ethics of the company but the company has no choice than to give me the job because they needed my service. What a great father he was!

Secondly my father resigned at his working place without my mum's knowledge all because he wanted to pleased his children.  He left a very good job with total full package just because of me.  Being a graduate from prestigious university of Ibadan, he had an opportunity to work in any company of his choice because then it was job that will look for you unlike these days where graduates sell pure water.  My loving dad preferred a simple life just to see his children Happy."

Oh my God my heart is heavy".

"This picture was taken less than a month ago.

The photo shot before his birthday, two weeks ago"


 "Dad is gone, my confidant. He will say my daughter gbogbo ikolo re ma pada ni agbara olorun. Meaning that all what I have lost to ungrateful people in life through my vulnerability, it shall come back in billions."  Even when I lost my properties to those I helped in life. My dad just heard it and felt sick immediately because he has been warning me against bad people that I always have trust on"

"God give me the strength. He hates to see or hear any bad thing to happen to me,

 Because of him, I left and lost millions of naira properties of mine at troubled States just for me to be alive for him.  But Now daddy mi ti lo. I refused to stay in abroad where he will call me and I cannot summon immediately but now .My dad is gone

Where is my strength?

Daddy miiii wake up. I need to talk to you Sir

Who will wake him up for me plssssss.

Am in deep pain God

I prefer to lose billions than to lose my dad

God wake my dad up for my sake. He is my Joy, a loving father to the core."


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