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Media Personality, Bunmi Idowu Reveals Her Fashion Secrets

Bunmi Idowu is a damn good professional journalist. She is good at what she does and she has been in it for years.

She started her journalism career in 2002 as an ICT/Business reporter. The journalist/broadcast journalist career has evolved and metamorphosed into a media consultancy.

As I'm passionate about my career so am I about my fashion style.


I simply love styles that suit my personality not necessarily what's in vogue. 


I love it simple but clean & classy.


When I come in contact with people in my  career path, they tend to tell me I fit in more into big companies Public Relations, Clients  Relation, or image maker or the likes portfolio...Lol...I dress the way I want to be addressed always.



I love my hair neatly done without having to empty my account. I have different salons for different hair styles I desire to wear. 



The salon I use for weaves.& braids is different from the one I use for my natural (relaxed) hair & I don't compromise that for I know they treat my hair just the way it satisfies me & gives me my desired look at that point in time.



So, what I wear at almost all the time depends largely on: the occasion/the event, the venue & possible crowd, the season i.e. the weather & of course the fit on me & my mood.



However, I don’t just wear styles because it's in vogue; there are styles in vogue that I simply don't dig. E.g. the one side short sleeve/one side long sleeve style is a no no for me. Some mad jeans styles (crazy jeans) is a no no for me, bum short on the street is disgusting (even with my hot legs. LOL), I'm a bit conservative in my dressing, no apologies...LOL



I love darn good wears but I do so sensibly. So, I wait lots for SALES and that goes beyond wears.



So, the me you see in church (except for the face,) is different from the me you'll see at a party or are the office or in the market.



You definitely won't see my face contoured to church, market or office (for the office, unless I'm going on the screen.) But to church & the office, I fix my make-up simply nicely myself. To the market, you'll almost always find me without a makeup.



You may not catch me in sandals (high or low) in the office (I'm mostly in covered shoes or peep toes high or low.) & in raining season, you won't ever see me in sandals.



I love flats, sneakers, pants, scarves & broaches a lot as office & pleasure wears & HARDLY wear slippers even to the market...just learning how to ...



For me, looks don't have to be expensive but simple, rare & classy so I take my time to shop & even when you see my kind of wears elsewhere, I would have spiced it up, making it look so different & unique.



Any good fitting footwear is okay with me but Fendi/Micheal Kors/Celine/Adore, Valentino Garavani, Nine West, & Burberry bags are presently trending in my closet & I'm somewhat crazy about Swatch watches or ones made by friends.



My office wears are simple stuffs such as H&M , Hawes &Curtis & M&S shirts, tops, jackets/blazers(a couple of Cache,, M&S Woman & Calvin Klein.) pants, skirts & dresses (all depending on each day's assignment) ranging from UK brands to Turkey..



My favorite perfumes are: Clinique happy, Dune by Christian Dior & Channel Allure though friends have given me different other brands as Madame, Channel No5, Avon Faraway & Calvin Klein's Euphoria; I wore & still wear some of them. 



Nothing stressful in my beauty routine. I start my day with two glasses of water & I must say that it's not every day I follow it up with fruit salad (three times a week, Mondays & Saturdays are given.) I cleanse my face with Neutrogena Clear Pore & once a week, I use Clinique facial mask or simple egg white.



I'm a die-hard Jergins (Ultra Healing) lover since 1994; it makes my body silky like no other cream but you'll also find in my closet Clinique cool body luster body moisture (hmmm...I love the fragrance & its feel on my body, really cool.) I also have Nivea natural Fairness Clarificant body cream handy because sometimes, it becomes difficult to get those cherished brands.



Once a week I mask my legs & feet with Avon leg & foot works & for my deodorant, it's Aloe Shield first, Yardley, Sure green or Nivea Black & White.



It's an unwavering tradition for me every evening before going to bed after shower,  to massage my waist downwards with unadulterated shea butter (straight from the market.)



For my foundation & powder, its either Mary Kay or Iman.


In my bag, you'll naturally find beauty blotters, hand mirror, hand cream & now, Forever hand sanitizer, comb or hair brush (depending on the hair style I'm wearing. My I.D card, debit card, lip gloss, keys, at least two pens, business cards, tissue, a couple of safety & hair pins & a tiny flash light.


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