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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Olori Bolanle Ogunsanwo & Her Love For Looking Beautiful


Have you ever met Olori Bolanle Ogunsanwo before? If you have you must have noticed that she is a beautiful woman of Style. Any time you see her she is always on point. She is not loud. But her appearance each time reeks of class and elegance. She has got Style and she carries herself with a lot of Grace and Poise. 

For those who still don't catch the drift let's quickly tell you that she is the beautiful wife of Alara of llara kingdom, near Epe in Lagos state.

Her husband became king about 5 months back and she is fast adjusting to her new life as a Queen.

Many don't know that looking good is her No.1 business. She is a Fabric Merchant and she runs a very successful Fabric business in Lagos. She is the CEO of Fabriqueplus. 

She is also a Fashion stylist. Like she often tells her customers, let us Style you at Fabriqueplus. We have all sorts of luxury fabrics & classic stylish shoes for any occasion.

She sells Luxury men and women shoes, Swiss Lace, French laces, and HOH to mention but a few.

The fact that she is good in her line of business has attracted a lot of customers to her. Her clientele list reads like a list of all the who is who in society, both male and female. And she has many customers who have been with her for decades.



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