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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating A Beautiful Couple: Nosa Tongo & Her Dearest Husband In London

Everyone loves Nosa Tongo and her handsome husband. Both are a happy couple. Nosa is a beautiful lady who is full of life. She works hard. She is also sociable. She loves to dance. She loves good parties.

She and her husband complement each other. He is also a good dancer. Nosa loves her husband so much so that she celebrates her all the time on social media. "Who else will I celebrate if not my husband, who is my best friend?", she tells people all the time.

On their last wedding anniversary she celebrated him to high heavens. She called him the kindest, loving, caring and handsome man on planet earth. Kelly, I thank the day our path crossed. You have brought so many smiles into my Life. You are the true definition of a caring Gentleman.

We congratulate Mr&Mrs Asikhia.


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