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Popular Skincare Specialist, Olori Sandra Thomas, Reveals A Lot About Her Success Story


Olori Sandra Thomas is a very beautiful woman who makes other women beautiful. That is her job. That is her calling. The big news is that OST as she's fondly called hosted a classy party a few days ago to mark her 50th birthday. She chose the opportunity of the party to also launch her personal products named after her Grandson, the celebration of 10years of establishing/sustaining MAKARI stores in Nigeria, solely, and the publication of her 1st book to support younger girls in the society.

A few months back she spoke to CityPeople about her successful beauty business


How have you enjoyed being a Beautician and Cosmetologist? How many years now?


Over 10yrs now


I actually started from South Africa, it has been a pleasant journey absolutely 100% no regret

How did your relationship with Makari start?


It actually started from when I was living in the US and my body cream at that time was banned in the US due to the high content of hydroquinone, I spoke to my dermatologist then and my findings about Makari products and she agreed a lot of black American that are her clients like and use the products and they are have been proved to be chemical-free...boom that was it.


Tell us the Beauty of Makari products


Fantastic  products,  not because I sell them only but because I use them, with authentic Makari products, you can achieve your akin tone, texture, desire without absorbing harmful chemicals in your bloodstreams, remember whatever you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream as well!


What is usually your advice to women on how to achieve flawless and glowing skin?


Advice to my fellow women is when it comes to skincare, never compromise on qualities, our motto should be quality over quantity, your skin been the largest organ in your body needs pampering, adequate care, desist from cheap chemically processed products that will thin your skin or harm your skin in the long run, drink of jugs and jugs of water, use sunscreen along with your products, scrub and exfoliate to remove dead skin at least once a week.  

When applying your body products, pay attention to massaging in a circular motion with care and love, not hurrying to get done with! 


Cultivate the habit if using a range of products, do not pick soap for A seller, face cream from B seller, body cream from D seller, that is not a good skincare regime!


What are the common mistakes women often make with their skincare?


 A lot of women always think products are products, remember skin A is different from skin B, what works for you may not even work for your daughter how much more friends, your skin tone, skin type will determine the products that will work for you if your beautician recommend products for you without skin analysis, that should be a No No.


Use quality skincare, soaps, body cream and much more on your skin, be generous with the application of products so you can see positive results, be patient with your products, never be in a hurry for it to work, remember non-chemical processed creams cannot tone or brighten your skin under 5days.... but with patience, care and nurturing... your desired glow will manifest eventually!


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  1. The countdown is on, can't wait to celebrate you my gorgeous friend.

  2. A beautiful and Godly woman; beautiful inside and out. Respect ✊!

  3. Yes indeed beautiful inside and out congratulations Sandra God bless and keep you his face will continue to shine upon you in Jesus name

  4. You will continue to enjoy the protection of God be in good health we celebrate you my friend and sister your open heart will be filled with Joy always cheers and happy birthday from Hope Ovie-thompson

  5. God's blessings always ma'am

  6. my dear sister, you will continue to testify to the goodness of God.......happy jubilee year.
    Mama K