Thursday, 18 February 2021

London Style Queen, Folasade Adekanmbi (Ashandy Suzzy) Reveals her Fashion Secrets

There is no doubt about it that Mrs Folasade Adekanmbi dresses well. Everyone calls her Ashandy Suzzy. She lives in London where she is doing so well.

It's her birthday and Citypeople got her to reveal the secret of her good looks. She looks good all the time. She always looks Gorgeous and Glamorous.

"I guess I inherited it from my parents. Both are fashionistas. So it naturally just flows in my blood. I love fashion. I love looking good and I love to make fashion statements, "she revealed.

"I guess it's just a natural thing for me "she added.

Was she born and bred in London, we asked?" No ooooo I was born  bread & buttered in Naija ooo. I did my OND at Ogun state poly & later travelled to the UK.

"I give it to my mother", she taught me not to leave my house without looking OK. She said the way you walk is the way people meet you.

 I remember when I first joined the UK passport office; I was always scared they are watching me because of the Glamorous way I dress. But my mother insisted then. That is you & let them know you for who you are from day one. I give God the glory; I will be 20yrs in home office service with no problem with anyone they all know for who I am. Its God & I thank God I had a mother to boost my confidence. I don't like trouble at all."

Happy birthday to this beautiful and stylish lady of substance


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