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Skincare Specialist, Adetutu Ashiru Reveals The Many Mistakes Ladies Make With Their Skin

Adetutu Ashiru is a beautiful lady who is doing so well in the Skincare business. She helps many ladies to look good. Call her a skin doctor and you won't be wrong. She is the CEO of Lily's Touch, a Beauty parlour and she is helping ladies find solutions to their Beauty and skincare problems.

A few days ago Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty magazine got her to tell us about the major mistakes ladies make with their skin.

She explained that the mistakes ladies make are a result of their ignorance about skincare issues.

"I'm able to know this due to my past experiences and that of my friends and clients."

"Skincare is wide we all know that. It is complex as well .A little mistake would make you get it all wrong."

"To make it easier, let me list out the mistakes we make in our daily routine and correct them:

1)Using the wrong product:

 Ladies, the first thing we should know about skincare is our skin type. What works for A would possibly not work for B (it's not a one size fits all). Your friend used it and it works well for her doesn't mean it would work for you. Your skin types are different. First thing you should note is the kind of skin you have, is it Sensitive, oily, dry, combination??


Knowing your skin type will help you choose the right product for your skin and possibly minimize your skin issues.


2) Following Instructions:

 No matter how effective a skincare product might be, if you don't follow the instructions that come with it, there's no magic you won't get your desired result.


Going with instructions matters a lot.

When a product says, use at night alone ...The product might not have the desired SPF to counter the sun. Kindly respect that and use it at night alone.


When a product says, don't use more than twice a day, The manufacturer knows it might likely dry off your skin natural oil when used more than twice. Kindly follow that instruction. It's our pride to see our products working well on your skin.


Honestly, you not following instructions frustrates our efforts in making your skin glow.


Even OTC products you all buy, instructions are always on the leaflets, if you don't follow, you end up labelling the product "Not Effective".

It's a mistake on your part, endeavour to work on it.


3)Always Exfoliate

 No skincare product will work on your skin if you don't remove the present dead cells 0n it. Exfoliation can't be overemphasized in a skincare routine.


No product works on me geng,

When last did you exfoliate your skin?


My leg is darker than my body, even my inner thighs

Do you concentrate on those areas ??

It's not child's play, your skin needs to be pampered. Your innit areas need maximum attention just like you pay attention to your face.

Feed your skin with the right food(skincare products) it deserves it just as you feed your stomach.


4)As crucial as exfoliation is, Do not overdo it. It shouldn't be done more than once or twice a week (Depends on the skin type ).

Do not exfoliate when you have an "ACTIVE " acne present on your skin. (Note the keyword "active ") it tends to aggravate the acne the more. Mask up instead with (Bentonite clay and all)...Very good for acne-prone skin.


5)Oils are good on the skin, YES .......Those with sensitive skin should be careful, we have different kinds of oils......heavyweight oils won't work on your skin, it will rather clog your pores. Always look out for non-comedogenic products when buying OTC products.


6) Always be patient and consistent when using a skincare product.


Let's say, for instance, you bought a product for treating acne and your skin ends up "purging" Do not be too fast to dispose of it.

There's a difference between skin purge and break out. It can be frustrating tho but changing products at that period will only worsen the case. Just be patient with it and you will be happy in the end.


I went through the same thing and I cried my ass out honestly .Attached herein is a pic of when my face was undergoing the "purging phase ". Always know it's a phase that will surely get better.

Not all skin purges before getting better, if your skin does ......just endure and be patient. You will laugh in the end.

#Do not change the product at this stage

#Do not change product

#Do not try to change products

#I repeat, Don't try changing products at this stage. It'll only get worst (I have been there so I know what I'm saying)


7) For Acne-prone Skin


Know what triggers your acne so as to get it right.

Some could be hormonal

Some are pubertal

What you ingest triggers some (such as dairy foods and the likes)

Some need to take note of their beddings (Know when to change and all).


Skincare is wide, Always ask questions

Call me for consultations (08067843459)


We have products for all skin types.

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