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US Based Actress/Producer, Nike Fisher Storms Lagos To Shoot Her 2 New Movies

Nike Fisher is a big name in the movie industry. She lives in Boston with her beautiful family. She is an actress. She is a movie Producer. She plays other roles also. And she creates time for all her roles.

The big news is that this beautiful lady of Style has started work on 2 new movies. That is why she stormed Lagos 2 weeks ago, to shoot aspects of the movie. And she has been busy shooting. Citypeople got her to talk about her 2 projects.

How has it been since she arrived Lagos two weeks ago, we asked her "It has been 2 weeks of work, having to cope with friends and families who haven’t seen me in a long while, to going to locations to shoot my movies, it has been hectic, but I give Glory to God for everything"

Is it true she is working on some new movies? We told her to tell us about them...

"Yes, I am working on 2 great movies, Ajike The Tailor and Goldsmith. The movies are educative and suspense-filled. These movies will have the audience glued to their seats. Ajike The Tailor is a movie that educates the public about the aftermath of quick riches while Goldsmith is a murder mystery movie that is full of suspense."

How does she juggle acting with the other things she does abroad???

It is not easy being a working-class woman, a mother, a wife, and an actress on the side. But all I can say is God has been there for me. Also, my husband and children have been very supportive; they understand the nature of my job. They share in my passion for acting and want to see me succeed in it.

What has been her staying power all these years,we asked her

My staying power is my love and passion for acting, the determination to excel on the job through all odds. Acting has been my dream since when I was in my teens. I am happy I am following my dream.


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