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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

What Biodun Anifowose-Adegoke Will Miss About Her Late Mum


These are not the best of times for Biodun Anifowose-Adegoke.She recently lost her beautiful mum,Deaconess Oluwafunmilayo Florence Anifowose.She passed on to greater glory on Monday 15th January at the age of 78.


"I will miss her greatly",Biodun told Citypeople recently."We would all miss her.She was there for all of us.She really did well for me.She helped me bring up my 2 boys.She took them from me and nurtured them for me.She was a mother in a million.She was meant to be 80 in the next 2 years and my children were already planning how to celebrate her .

"She did not trouble us at all.She was a peaceful woman.Even on the day she passed on it was a peaceful transition. She still ate her breakfast that Monday morning. She left quietly."

"Mama just came back to Lagos from Chicago on Jan 15th, which was my dad's 48th year anniversary in heaven and she too left that month 15th feb.It was also my younger brothers 50th birthday....i will miss her most because without her in my life i would have been nothing...My mom really took great care of my two boys from when they were babies till their tender age."

Mama will be buried next week and the big party will come up next year.We are also planning my dads 50th year Remembrance in 2 years.

" That would also have to be big because we were small when he died.I was 8 years old then.So we have to give him a befitting celebration of life."she explained.

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