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Why Many Celebrity Ladies Go For Biola Brentwood Outfits

Right now in Lagos there is a Fashion house that is doing so well and many celebrity ladies go there for their designs. It is called Biola Brentwood Fashion House named after Biola, its CEO and Founder. 

She is one of the best and most talented designers in the country today. But she is not loud about it, leaving her designs to speak for her. We must also add that her designs stand out. Citypeople Publisher, Seye kehinde recently got this ever beautiful lady behind the label to reveal the secrets behind her success story. Below are excerpts of the interview.


Tell us about your Fashion brand. How old is it? How did you get into Fashion business?

Biola Brentwood fashion label was officially launched in March 2015. So we are 6 years this year.The vision however was inspired in early 90's and it has evolved over the years.


How did you coin your brand name, Brentwood?

The label is a combination of my first and business registration name.


What are the services you render in terms of designs? Who are your clientele? Who do you cater to?

Biola Brentwood is an upscale fashion label, designing Graceful and Grand apparel for women around the globe. More specifically those with interests in African designs we do personalized collections and ready to wear.


You seem to specialise on African Fabrics. Why?

Our vision is to bring African, specifically Nigerian, fashion to the global market. We use fabrics like Ankara, Adire, Aso-oke etc for our designs, because of their richness and vibrancy. Moreover, it is my heritage and I aim to promote and showcase the beauty of the continent's fashion to the world.

Years ago, in an embassy outside Nigeria, I was called over by a woman who expressed great interest in my designs. She expertly identified my nationality without a word from me and I was both honored and inspired by that event.


Are you into Fashion styling? Or Fashion wardrobe styling???

As a graduate of Fashion Design from College LaSalle, Montreal and Image Consulting from George Brown College, Toronto My knowledge of ward robing and fashion styling is incorporated into our collections. With every design we adapt to our client's body type, personality and lifestyle.

I will like to add that we use other fabrics like lace and novelty as well not limited to Ankara only, in terms of Fabrics.

 Her Beautiful Designs

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