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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating ROTARIAN Olukayode Ariike

There are so many things Ariike Olukayode has going for her. She is beautiful. She is stylish. She is pleasant and hardworking also.
She is focused and knows what she wants from life. She hails from Ondo East in Ondo town, but based in lagos, Nigeria.

She's an HUMANITARIAN striker, an events planner, a designer, a baker...

She's the CEO of 
.....Exclusive GENTS and ladies 
......Olukayode Ariike FOUNDATION 
...... Harrikz_surprise 

She's a woman with a heart of Gold. She brings the best of of the VULNERABLES and put smiles on the old age and Widows faces.

She's fun to be with.

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  1. Shes just an Epitome of beauty with brain.... yes hardworking.... fationista... More greese Ariikeileke