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Celebrating Versatile Singer & Entertainer, OPRAH


There is a beautiful singer and entertainer that everyone is talking about right now. She is called OPRAH. She is blessed with a sonorous voice and stagecraft that is second to none. She is beautiful and slim built.

Oprah is a versatile artist. She fits into different occasions because whatever genre is expected from her can be achieved. At a typical show, Oprah can sing about 50 different songs ranging from hi-life, to hip hop, Juju, Fuji, name it. She is very, very talented. She is good at what she does and she not only sings, she entertains and thrills her guests. No wonder she is in high demand for her to entertain at shows.

How did she get into music? Citypeople asked her

"I grew up having a brother to look up to in the music industry (Olu maintain). The passion developed from them. What kind of music does she play? Is it Juju? Yes, I play Juju, but I wouldn't say I do Juju music strictly. It is just a genre I switch to provide the event needs it. I am versatile."

"I play versatile music. I have mastered my versatility. I know a lot of artists find it hard to switch between genres. I do it effortlessly, with ease."

Where was she born, we asked her?

"I was born in Ondo town. I grew up there too but I have been in Lagos since 1999."

Where did she school? "I attended Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. I studied English"

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