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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

How London PR Guru, Dayo Olomu Fell In Love With His Wife, Sade


This is the story of how the handsome London PR guru, Dayo Olomu met and fell in love with his wife years ago. 

Citypeople recently asked him to talk us the story and he revealed a lot. Tell us about madam how did you meet? How did hit it off?

"I am married to a lovely woman – Goddess," he explains. "I call her Goddess, but her full name is Mrs. Sade Dayo-Olomu. We met when I was doing my A-levels at Anwar Ur Islam College, Agege.  When I relocated back to England, she too relocated too.  We didn’t meet for years, then we came back and we got married. And one of the things I believe is that marriage is the cornerstone of the society. We’ve seen the statistics. Statistics have proven that kids who come from happy marriages have high chances of being successful in life. The gang crime happening in the UK for example show that a high percent of those kids are from broken homes. So, I am one of those who believe that private victory precedes public victory. That if you are not successful at home, your success outside is meaningless. So, I put a lot into developing my marriage, into working on it. .  Marriage is a continuous thing, you have to keep on working on it; and when you look at it, we also need to develop ourselves as men."

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