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London Music Promoter, Alexes Promotion CEO, Goes Into Other Businesses

Omobolanle Olatise is a successful Nigerian celebrity Woman who is doing well in her business. She lives in London where she runs several businesses and of late she has been expanding her business to other areas and she is also doing a lot in Nigeria.

In London, many people believe that Omobolanle is just about Music promotions alone, just because she has hosted a few mega shows over the last few years. But we can tell you authoritatively that she is into so many businesses. Many don't know that she is a Movie Producer and she has just completed a brand new movie that would soon be released.

In London, she is also into childcare management. She is trained in it and she has a flair for it.

But in the last few years she has expanded her business operations.

In Nigeria, she runs a chain of businesses like Music And Film Production.

Happygems Farms,

Happygems FeedMill,

Happygems Food and drinks,

Happygems Water, and many more.


Parts of her businesses in Nigeria are the following:

HappygemsFarms (Broilers, Layers, Eggs, Breaders, Fish pond, Cassava, Maize, Cashew, Pepper etc)


There is also Happygems FeedMill,where she manufactures chicken feeds and fish feeds.

There are others like

Happygems Food and drinks,

Happygems Bottled Water,

Happygems Pure Water,and

Happygems Bakery.

Despite all these businesses the one she derives ultimate joy is her Childcare provider job, which is her main line of business. Maybe that explains why she is opening a school in Lagos in a few weeks time. She is also promoting a reality show which is said to take off anytime soon.

Omobolanle Olatise has just given birth to a new idea to empower Children and it’s called THE FUTURE GEMS.


The Future Gems is an online reality show for children within the age brackets of 10 - 12years where their intellect is tested via academic and leadership topics.

This will run for 4 Sundays in the month of April 2021 with 30 different participants. Every Sunday 6 Participants with the lowest votes and marks leaves the show after being placed on eviction, and at the grand finale, the winner goes home with $2,000.

There will be Celebrity Judges like Mercy Aigbe, Jaye Kuti, Jude Orhorha and the Hosts are Mega ( Comedian ) and Laide Bakare ( Actress )


Registration is free.

She is set to open her new school in Lagos on 30th of April, 2021.She is also developing her 50 hectares farm land in Abeokuta.She has large acres of land in lkire,Abeokuta and lbadan.

We would tell you more soon........ Stay tuned.

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