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Radiant Bodycare CEO Reveals How Ladies Can Achieve A Glowing Skin

Whenever you run into this beautiful lady called Moyosore Johnson for the very first time you can not but notice her flawless and glowing skin.She is blessed with a beautiful look and a smooth skin that glows.

She recently told Citypeople Online the secret of her good skin.She revealed how her attempt to find a solution to her skin challenges opened her eyes to the many secrets of skincare.

MOYOSORE JOHNSON,the CEO of Radiant bodycare & spa revealed how she got  into the beauty business." I started a few years back when i had issues with my face. I had tried many things and they weren’t working. So,i had to start researching myself. I made some products for myself and they worked like magic.  A lot of people would come up to me to  compliment my skin and ask what i used.
That was how it all started.And  that was how I began to give people skin advice.

Now, I have been in business for about 7years. I could remember then in 2013 when I started."

"It has been great since I started.I started by making products at home and selling online . Later, we were able to expand and get a better space.Since then, we have built a good customer base both here,in nigeria and abroad."

She believes many ladies still don't understand how to take care of their skin ."I just want people to understand that Skincare is not bleaching. However, when you get to a certain point in life when you start to live well, there is no way you won’t glow and look more beautiful. Everyone wants to Glow and look radiant.And we at Radiant Bodycare, have products that are safe,that you can use and depend on."

What are the lessons she has learnt in skincare?

"I have learnt a lot. I have learnt a lot of lessons in this skincare business.One of it is make your mistakes your own way. There’s nothing wrong with starting small, with trial and errors , just don’t give up. If it is your dream, stay focused. Beginnings are never rosy. But along the line you will see things and learn from your mistakes. Those experiences makes me better,"she says.

She also revealed a lot about her products."Our beauty products are effective and safe with no side effects .
Our beauty products is best and most effective herbal products for all skin types.It is good for  Skin repair and treatment, ( which includes pimples cure , dark spots remover dark knuckles remover, hyperpigmentation, dark skin maintenance, safe skin whitening, skin glow products) How to contact us :☎️ 08120751271 , instagram Radiant bodycare & Spa

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