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The Rise & Rise Of Yeye Lara Fashola-Fanimokun

Yeye Lara Fashola-Fanimokun is an accomplished woman who does not make noise about her accomplishments.This beautiful woman has a lot going for her.

Let's tell you a little about her.

She is the Yeye Olokun Olosa of Lagos.She is a Maritime Lawyer,an Entrepreneur,Founder Olokun Foundation (women and children) and a high priestess of Olokun Olosa.

She is a politician and a valued member of APC. She was appointed SSA to the South West Coordinator at the presidential Support Committee during the last elections.

She has also just been appointed The Southwest Commander of the Peace Marshal of Nigeria(an agency under the Ministry of Foreign affairs) .She is a  pioneer member.

She recently got The Most Influential Woman award at the Oduduwa Special Recognition Awards.

We can go on and on about this lady who is very stylish and beautiful.

She also lectures Black Americans on Yoruba traditional religion.

She's from the popular Fashola Family of Lagos. Minister BRF is her Uncle.

She is married to the Fanimokun family of Lagos.


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