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The Visionary Woman By Teenu Impactress

A visionary woman has a compelling vision for their life, they can see beyond the ambiguity and challenges of today to an empowering picture of tomorrow.

 Ibironke Khadeejah Quadri Oladimeji, Holds BSc in Renal Nursing, Diploma in diabetes specialist Nursing,Msc Public Health Nursing. 

A BAME Health advocate, passionate about using good Nutrition as a tool to fight and prevent known and unknown illnesses within the BAME community, Khadeejah is a proud Mum of 3 young stars


Ibironke is a Nurse with 21 years’, currently live in Dartford Kent.

Now owns and run a health, fitness and wellness franchise for 4 years, also have a Healthy whole food range the Healthy YouandI which she is very passionate about, providing healthy alternatives food for to the common average people of Nigerian /West African Heritage. 


Ibironke have been able to successfully influence and impact her immediate and wider community through free regular video on social media, providing useful and adaptable information for the community to use as at when necessary


Her major accomplishment can be considered to be the opportunity to challenge and encourage deeper conversation around illness prevention within the Black community not just in the UK but also other countries in Europe and some part of America. Being able to offer alternative view on prevention of illnesses and self-care approaches especially during the height of the COVID pandemic and the acceptance within the community made me very proud.


Some of her videos got wider coverage and was interviewed by the BBC, ITV, meeting with the Shadow Home Secretary highlighting the plight of newly recruited Nurses from Nigeria in particular and some of the challenges they had and being able to submit possible solutions under the umbrella of the Nigerian Nurses Charitable Organisation.

Talking about her major challenges, Ibironke said “As a Muslim woman, I have suffered some personal Bias and isolation from women and in some instances even Men. It can be tough sometimes to deal with the conflict of emotions and interests”


Ibironke 5 years vision is huge, certainly getting to the peak her franchise carrier and Massive expansion of Healthy YouandI brand to include more traditional African food. To have her Healthy alternative food line in major supermarkets brands in the UK and around the globe wherever Person of colour exists.


Also has a huge ambition to be fully involved in politics both in the UK and in Nigeria. Currently a card-carrying member of the Labour Party and the APC in Nigeria, she will love to be a policy influencer both home and abroad and certainly will be very fulfilled when she sees more women especially Muslim women in governance and position of influence. It will be a huge honour to influence young ladies and girls on positive possibilities based on examples we can set now, providing mentoring and leadership required to accomplish more for the Black community


Ibironke Khadeejah message for other women and upcoming ones is never to give in to fear. Never be scared of being the lone voice, never be scared of challenging the status quo through constructive engagement and communications.


We must never stop learning or growing. And certainly, never underestimate the power of networking. Identify like minds and engage them for continuous growth and improvement. Finally, they must identify a mentor who can guide and support their growth. Work well with a Mentor, it’s so crucial.



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